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Why VFIS University?

Invest in yourself and your team. Be better prepared. Reduce your risks.

As a team comprised of many current and past emergency responders, we understand that preparation can make all of the difference during the moments that matter. That's why we're committed to providing the fire and EMS community with the high-quality education, training and management consulting services that you need—with the flexibility and service that you deserve.

We offer a wide-variety of courses that we've specifically designed to help firefighters, EMTs, 911 telecommunicators and other responders tackle daily operations and unique challenges. Plus, as a partner of Vector Solutions, we're able to offer other engaging and accredited online courses at an affordable price, including the Vector Solutions EMS recertification course which is accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS).

VFISu can help you:

Meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Online training reduces classroom and instructor costs.

Train whenever it best fits your schedule with 24/7 access.

Complete courses at your own pace to improve memory retention.

Assign critical training to your team with just a few clicks.

After you complete each course and pass the assessment, you'll have access to your printable certificate.

Get email alerts to stay aware of training assignment status, upcoming deadlines and expirations.

Monitor assignment completions in real time and generate comprehensive data reports, making record-keeping simple and efficient.

Assign SOPs and other procedural activities for review that ensure compliance and acceptance of new policies and revisions for all employees.

Respond to unsafe behaviors and reduce claims with proactive and preventive training.

Complete trainings on-the-go, whether on or off duty, and store certificates electronically to eliminate paper pile-up.

We thank you for all that you do—both on and off of the frontlines—and for taking the time to invest in your safety.