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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register?
    Go to www.vfisu.com and within the "Get started & enroll today" box, click on "MYSELF". Complete the required information and then wait for your validation email from support.publicsector@vectorsolutions.com.
  2. How do I register my entire department?
    Under "Get started & enroll today" click on "MY ORGANIZATION".
    OR, you can send a request to csapps@vfis.com and provide department name/state and contact name and phone number for your department/organization. We will contact you to go over the process in more detail.
  3. I never received my validation email. What do I do?
    The validation email will be from support@targetsolutions.com. Check your Junk/Spam folder first and if you still did not receive it email us at csapps@vfis.com or call us at 1-800-233-1957, x7228.
  4. I can't remember my password?
    You will need to do a Password Recovery. Go to www.vfisu.com and under "Already enrolled?" box, click on the appropriate VFISU button to login. Then below the login section of this page you will have the option to click "forgot password" and have an email password link sent to you or you can answer security questions to change your password.
  5. I tried to log back in from my validation email but I keep getting an error message. What do I do?
    The validation email link is only good for a one time use. You will need to go to our website at www.vfisu.com and then click on the appropriate "VFISU" button within the "Already enrolled?" box to log in.
  6. How do I purchase classes that cost a fee?
    Go to www.vfisu.com and if you have registered on the site before, go ahead and login (click appropriate VFISU button in the "Already enrolled" box). If you haven't registered on the site before, click the "MYSELF" button in the "Get started & enroll today" box. Then click the "Courses" link on the top of the page. When you find the class you want to purchase you must click inside the box with the dollar amount. This will bring you to PayPal to complete your purchase. Your course will then show up in your Dashboard page after you complete your purchase.
  7. When I am on my Dashboard page and I click "Launch Course" to watch a video and I only have audio but no video. What should I do?
    You should check and make sure your Pop-Up blockers are turned off or disabled and then re-launch the course.
    Try using another web browser, computer or device.
    If you are still having issues you can call us at 1-800-233-1957, x7228.
  8. I need to change my email address in my account. How do I do that?
    Submit your request to change your email to csapps@vfis.com
  9. How do I become a Supervisor for my department?
    Submit your request to csapps@vfis.com with your full name, email address, department name and state you are from.
  10. I am not seeing any of the free classes under the "Self-Assign" tab as the rest of my department have access to? Why is that?
    This could be because when you registered you selected "Non-VFIS Client". If your department is insured with VFIS you should be listed as a "VFIS Client". Contact us at csapps@vfis.com or 1-800-233-1957, x7228 to verify client status and then correct this.